Russian Wife Cheap Price

Je me moque souvent de mon copain en disant que je suis sa "russian wife cheap price". Qu'il m'a eue dans une vente de magasinage des fêtes et que je "do laudry but no dishes".

Une de mes anciennes amies vient de me retracer et de m'envoyer un beau message. Son anglais have improved.

Good day

People say that I am honest and straight lady. I say that I am serious and
realistic when I have to and full of fun and jokes when the time is right.
To my friends and the ones I have at my side, I give myself completely and
unconditionally. I expect though the same in return. I hate lies and "dirty
games" in a relation and I do not care about people who pretend to be
something they are not.
I know that you are and will be serious and sincere about our communication.
If you are interested, express your thoughts at http://www.agusti.in/
in your answer and I will be happy to tell you more about me.


Di A.

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